Jamison Wizards Top Kings

Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler helped the Washington Wizards pick up a rare road victory. Jamison had 33 points and nine rebounds and Butler scored 30 for the Wizards, who held off the Sacramento King of 110-107 win on Wednesday night..

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All Lance All The Time

On the massage table now.. Or an earlier Tweet: Just press a conference after the race. Lance Armstrong is getting a massage. You can subscribe to follow Mister 4 percentage body fat on Twitter, and get updates from this past Note: Up to start watching the BBC. Want to keep up with the minutiae samples life in cycling? Al, all his Lance, all the time. Hes watching television. Hes a baby kangaroo embrace.

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Schwarzenegger Asks Obama For Tailpipe Rules

The Republican governor Wednesday sent a letter to the new president, asking him to give California and other states permission to implement hard-exhaust emission standards. Your administration has the unique opportunity to support both the pioneering leadership of these countries and move towards American global leadership to tackle climate change, said Schwarzenegger in his letter..

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Heath Ledger We Miss You

T hey could have really asked for the film The Joker. Sure, Batman has always been the villains, so that Jack Nicholson is the highest billing in Michael Keaton Tim Burton first film, but Christopher Nolan Dark Knight was really all the bad boy..

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Will Charity Be Murray Minted

And William leaves his patriotic side show as he put the money on the Scots tennis star Andy Murray to claim victory in the Australian Open. Murray began the year in top form to claim the victory in the Qatar Open and beating the Swiss ace Federer and American Andy Roddick to scoop the title..

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